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What happens During a Massage ?

You will be given ample time to relax and ask any questions prior to your massage. This is your time to explain to me what areas you would like me to concentrate on, or to express any of your physical concerns. I will then leave the room so you can undress and lay face down on the table or bed.

It is best that you remove as much clothing as you are comfortable with. You are in control here and your level of privacy will be respected. You will be covered with a sheet or a towel, except for the specific area being massaged. I will respect all levels of modesty. Please have fresh and clean body hygiene.

You should allow yourself to relax - close your eyes and I will help you to focus, so that you can enter the alpha Mind State, where all self-healing takes place and where you find the release from stress.

For some of our clients, there is a need to talk, and to discuss matters, which are important to them, or just to chat to establish a rapport between us. Others prefer to relax in silence, and if this is your wish, then I will co-operate. There may need to be some communication on injuries etc., and I will ask questions, which are appropriate to your body. As the massage progresses, you can tell me to work more on favorite areas that need greater attention. I customize the massage to your needs.

I use high quality gels, lotions, creams or oils to make the massage pleasant. I can add a small amount of essential oils, which increase the oxygenation to the cells and have an aroma, which is conducive to relaxation and healing. Please request in advance to have scented oils with your massage.

My experienced hands often find an area on your body, which indicates an injury. You may be asked to tell the circumstances of the injury, and how it feels. I do have techniques for treating some injuries, but always remember that healing comes from within the body, and external assistance is only that – assistance.

Often, clients fall asleep during a massage – and other times the body eases tension during a massage and the mind will release emotion. If you suddenly feel sad or joyful, just allow yourself to express these feeling by crying or laughing. At the very least, please feel free to moan and sigh with relaxation. Listen to your body and sense what it is telling you.

Above all, make your needs known – I am here to serve you as a professional and it is my desire that you will come out of a session fully relaxed and your massage needs met.