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Prices and Misc. Information


Sessions at your local home/hotel start at $85/hr per person and 90min are $125 per person. CASH only. Longer session times available.


* New Years SPECIAL * Book a wonderful session in my beautiful home studio which has its own entrance and bathroom. Now only $60/hr. for new clients. (By Appointment only)


*   An optional 15% to 20%+ cash gratuity is not included in the basic fee for each Therapist.
*   Atlantic City hotel sessions start at $100.
*   If calling from a Hotel I need your first and last name, hotel phone number and the room number. (personal information is completely confidential and will not be retained or disclosed for any reason) The massage will be on your bed with a special headrest.
*   Appointments after 9pm are an additional $20/hr.
*   Discounts may be offered for frequent sessions.
*   All sessions can be made a 4-hand with 2 Therapists. Prices are double because there's 2 therapists. Call now for this amazing massage experience!
*   I can travel out of my southern NJ area to your location if you pay a travel fee. Treat yourself to my wonderful hands !
*   Chair massages at your local location is $75/hr.
* I can give you your massage on your bed with my special massage headrest.
*   Have your own massage table ? Take $5 off your session
*   Know how to massage? I will consider bartering/trading massage services.



Client agrees to be ready for treatment on scheduled appointment time. Treatment time will end exactly one hour from your scheduled appointment. Client agrees to pay full treatment cost for booked time if starting time begins late due to his/her tardiness. Your therapist will arrive 10 minutes early to set up his/her equipment.

Client agrees to pay a 50% charge of the appointment fee for cancellations given with less than 4 hours notice. A full appointment fee will be charged if no cancellation notice is provided. Our therapist's time is valuable and we appreciate your co-operation with this policy.